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Stage 2 : 75-76 MPH @ 8,200 RPM

Note: All testing performed with 1/3 tank of fuel, trim neutral,sea level elevation, air temp 80-degrees F.

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This kit delivers big gains in performance (+8-9 mph) through easy to install, bolt-on engine, exhaust, and pump enhancements. Kit features our state of the art RIVA/ Vi-PEC engine management system and will run on 91~93 octane pump fuel.
RIVA Performance Power Filter is installed. Kit replaces restrictive factory intake system delivering improved throttle response and top-speed.
RIVA B1 Supercharger Impeller is installed. This high performance replacement impeller delivers more horsepower and torque throughout the entire RPM range. Investment cast from extremely strong, lightweight proprietary aluminum and CNC machined to ensure exact tolerances. Sophisticated blade design is optimized aerodynamically & precision balanced to provide smooth operation. Installs easily into stock supercharger housing with no additional modifications required. Produces 13.5psi of boost.
RIVA ‘GEN-2’ Power Cooler Kit is installed. Power Cooler is dramatically more efficient than original intercooler system delivering an increase of 20 peak horsepower with exit temperatures averaging 60°F cooler than stock. Features large, unrestricted core that exhibits minimal pressure loss compared to stock intercooler and integrated blow-off valve mount that will accept recommended RIVA/HKS Blow-Off Valve (sold separately). Blow-off Valve relieves unwanted pressure during off-throttle operation reducing supercharger clutch wear and eliminating heat soak in discharge tube.
RIVA Intake Manifold Uprade Kit is installed. Precision tapered billet sleeve directly replaces restrictive mesh element in intake manifold enabling engine to produce more horsepower through increased air flow and boost pressure (+1lb).
RIVA Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit are installed. Kit provides increased fuel pressure necessary to compliment RIVA Boost Clamp. Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit Set can be precisely adjusted to match the needs of your riding conditions. Plugs directly into original fuel system with OEM connectors and features a large 3/8″ fuel return line that is routed through supplied rubber fuel tank cap. Includes integrated liquid-filled pressure gauge and billet Fuel Pressure Regulator Block-Off necessary for removal of stock fuel pressure regulator in fuel tank.
RIVA/ViPEC V88R3 Pro-Series ECU is installed. Our racing ECU provides huge increases in performance and matches the needs of your modified engine. Base maps are calibrated to provide optimum fuel delivery, ignition timing and rev limit to compliment the Riva Racing Performance Kits. OEM dash display, engine diagnostics & engine safety functions are retained. This ECU also provides “First In – First Out” data logging. This internal data logging function continuously records engine data, overwriting oldest data when the memory is full. This ECU is fully programmable, allowing the user to adjust or create new parameters. Includes input for optional Lamda sensor kit for data logging air/fuel ratios & tuning functions. ECU plugs directly into OEM wire harness and mounts directly in place of the stock ECU.
NOTE: To keep you up to date with the latest maps, software and accessories visit our dedicated ECU Manager web site.

RIVA Free Flow Exhaust Kit is installed. Kit replaces restrictive sound suppression system located between water box and hull exit reducing backpressure and engine operating temperatures.
RIVA Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit is installed. Kit delivers dramatically improved cooling efficiency to engine and oil cooler for increased reliability & performance. Greatly enhances water flow & pressure by replacing restrictive OEM water fittings with high-flow billet fittings and superior routing.
RIVA Top-Loader Intake Grate & Performance Ride Plate are installed. Our ride plate and intake grate combo increase top speed and significantly enhance handling characteristics. Prop spin and cavitation found with the stock grate is greatly reduced along with the modified FZ’s tendency to drop on its nose when the throttle is let off at high speeds.
RIVA Engine Breather Upgrade Kit is installed. Kit eliminates power-robbing crankcase emissions from your engine’s air intake. Increases horsepower by removing the engine’s requirement to burn relatively non-combustible oil. Also improves intercooler efficiency by preventing the oil sludge coating that lowers thermal efficiency.

NOTE: RIVA Performance Kits intended for competition use only.