SunnyDock Systems

SunnyDock Systems

Open seas,
fluctuating waters
350 kg / m2
Raw material Polyethylene Advantages Fast and easy, easy reinstallation
Chain, Deadweight,
Pile, Seaflex
Assembly Parts are connected together by PE
pins and coupler


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SunnyDock Systems

Sunnydock  is made of high-density blow molded polyethylene. It has been designed to fit in most floating projects, especially open seas and/or areas with high waves and strong winds. The cubes forming the main part of the product come in three different dimensions: 50X50X40cm, 50X100X40cm and 50X100X25 cm.

Thanks to our modular Sunnydock system,you can make simple and easy configurations depending on your changing needs. Most of our clients can install their systems in less than one day. Any two people with no prior technical information can install 50 cubes in one hour. Sunnydock allows connection to a floating dock without the need for underwater connection parts pulling the system downwards.  Each Sunnydock cube has four joints (tabs)and only one pin will do to connect four cubes together. To maintain structural uniformity and connect the platform to the system, one coupler bolt is used

Sunnydock is durable, practical and fully-recyclable. It doesn’t require frequent maintanance and it is UV resistant and strong against deterioration. It is not harmful to the water and the environment because polyethylene is environmentally friendly. It is strong against bad weather conditions, acid, base and hydrocarbons. The korumalarprotectors/bumpers on the corners prevent potential damages.

Sunnydock ponton systems can be used as floating platforms for fish farms, marina installations and other organizations such as concerts and water sports. In addition to all these applications, Sunnydock can protect itself against potential damages before or after installation.