RotoDock Systems

RotoDock Systems

Application Areas: Lakes, Bays, Marinas
Floating Capacity: 300 kg / m2
Raw material:        Polyethylene
Advantages:          Fast and easy, easy reinstallation
Anchorage:            Pile and deadweight
Assembly:              Parts are connected together by PE pins and coupler

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RotoDock Systems

Rotodock systems can be used for all above water applications. With its modular design and easy of use, Rotodock presents different installation alternatives depending on needs and environmental conditions for both commercial and individual users. Upon request, extra pieces can be added to your system afterwards. Due to its special polyethylene coating, it looks smoother and more attractive in hot summer days. Every individual piece of Rotodock is floatable and can be easily installed. You can make your own configurations depending on your needs. The product is designed for heavy loads as well. The upper and lower parts are connected together with composite pieces. Dead weights with chains or piles are used to anchor(stabilize) the platform or the gangway.