Polaris Connecting Rod


Polaris Connecting Rod

    Rebuilding your crank will require (2) SBT Part # 23-304-16 (1) SBT Part # 23-304-16A rod kit.

  • SBT Part # 23-304-16 kit is a replacement connecting rod assembly; it comes with, the rod, big end pin, big end bearing 2 end play shims and a wristpin bearing. This kit is used on the magneto end and the center cylinder.
  • SBT Part # 23-304-16A kit contains the same components as the RD 006 but has a longer big end pin to be used on the PTO end of the crank.

SBT recommends rod side end play of .018 when assembling crank.


Polaris Connecting Rod

1997 Polaris SLX Pro 785 Rod
1998 Polaris SLX Pro 785 Rod
1999 Polaris Pro 785 Rod

2000 Polaris Pro 785 Rod
2001 Polaris Pro 785 Rod