GP1200R `02~00 STAGE 2 KIT


GP1200R `02~00 STAGE 2 KIT


  • R&D Yamaha Anti-Cavitation Pump Cone
  • R&D Yamaha Fixed Trim Tabs
  • RIVA GPR / XL Catalytic Converter Eliminator Yamaha
  • RIVA Yamaha Catalytic Converter Temperature Sensor Chip
  • RIVA Yamaha Power Filter Kit
  • RIVA Yamaha Performance Ride Plate
  • RIVA Yamaha GPR Pump Seal Kit
  • RIVA Yamaha GPR Top-Loader Grate
  • RIVA Yamha GFree Flow Exhaust Kit
  • RIVA/Solas Set-Back Yamaha Impeller


Stage 2 : 71 MPH @ 7,100 RPM

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GP1200R `02~00 STAGE 2 KIT

RIVA Performance Power Filter Kit is installedto increase airflow to motor. No internal carburetor modifications are performed. “Tamper Caps” are removed from high and low speed carburetor adjustment screws to optimize carb settings.
RIVA Cat Removal D-Plate is installed in place of restrictive catalytic converter increasing top-end speed while reducing under-hood operating temperatures and allowing the use of regular 2-stroke oils. A high quality stainless steel replica of the plate that is standard equipment on export model Yamaha watercraft without emission controls.
RIVA Free Flow Exhaust Kit is installed. Kit replaces restrictive sound suppression system located between waterbox and hull exit reducing backpressure and engine operating temperatures.
RIVA Cat Temp Sensor Chip is installedto prevent warning lights & beepers from activating when catalytic converter is removed.
RIVA Pump Seal Kit is installed. Location specific molded inserts are siliconed into the voids of the OE pump inlet shoe significantly reducing cavitation.
Solas Concord ‘Set-Back’ Impeller is a special series of performance impellers offered exclusively by RIVA and RIVA authorized dealers. Built by Solas, these impellers deliver the ultimate in performance. Inner hub is machined allowing impellers to mount closer to vein housing for reduced cavitation and more top speed. All three blades are digitally calibrated to RIVA’s uniform pitch specifications. Impellers are then dynamically spin-balanced at high RPM. A precision factory blueprinting process is performed far exceeding any ‘prop shop’ services available. Includes RIVA Billet Impeller Cone for maximum performance and durability.
RIVA Top-Loader Intake Grate & Performance Ride Plate are installed. Our ride plate and intake grate combo increase top speed and significantly enhance handling characteristics. Prop spin and cavitation found with the stock grate is greatly reduced along with the modified FZ’s tendency to drop on its nose when the throttle is let off at high speeds.
Anti-Cavitation Pump Cone is installed in place of stock pump cone on jet pump vein housing. Pump Cone significantly reduces cavitation due to its innovative design and asymmetrical shape that matches the angle of stock Yamaha pump nozzle.
Trim Tabs are installed in place of original trim tabs. Designed to trim craft up for increased top speed and serve as a quick fix to unwanted proposing. Tabs are 2.5 inches longer than stock.

NOTE: We offer a modification service for your stock cylinder head that consists of decking and redesigning the combustion chambers. This modification will produce increased cylinder compression improving acceleration and mid-range pull. Please contact us for details.