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GP1200R `02~00 STAGE 1 KIT

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GP1200R `02~00 STAGE 1 KIT


  • RIVA Yamaha Performance Ride Plate
  • RIVA Yamaha GPR Pump Seal Kit
  • RIVA Yamaha GPR Top-Loader Grate
  • RIVA Yamha GP1200R/800R Free Flow Exhaust Kit
  • Solas Yamaha Impeller


Stage 1 : 68~69 MPH @ 7,150 RPM

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GP1200R `02~00 STAGE 1 KIT

RIVA Free Flow Exhaust Kit is installed. Kit replaces restrictive sound suppression system located between waterbox and hull exit reducing backpressure and engine operating temperatures.
RIVA Pump Seal Kit is installed. Location specific molded inserts are siliconed into the voids of the OE pump inlet shoe significantly reducing cavitation.
Solas Concord Impeller is installed. After extensive im peller testing we found the Solas 13/19 Concord to be the best all around impeller for stock thru Stage I GP1200R’s. Billet impeller nose cone included.
RIVA Top-Loader Intake Grate & Performance Ride Plate are installed. Our ride plate and intake grate combo increase top speed and significantly enhance handling characteristics. Prop spin and cavitation found with the stock grate is greatly reduced along with the modified FZ’s tendency to drop on its nose when the throttle is let off at high speeds.

NOTE: We offer a modification service for your stock cylinder head that consists of decking and redesigning the combustion chambers. This modification will produce increased cylinder compression improving acceleration and mid-range pull. Please contact us for details.