Addict Tower 1.3 Polished


Addict Tower 1.3 Polished
This tower is the best looking tower on the market, hands down. It’s manufactured out of the best aviation-grade aluminium available AND is higher than other towers, giving you extra airtime and more space inside the boat. The 2” tubes connect to its horizontal bars, making the tower more rigid and stable. This tower fits on boats from 76””- 108” wide. The 1.3 model has improved mounting blocks for a stronger and more durable build.It fits boat decks from 76”/ 193 cm to 108”/ 274 cm in width and is made from a polished aluminium for ultimate shine, increased corrosion resistance and surface hardness. The whole tower can be folded down for winter storage.

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Addict Tower 1.3 Polished